difference between therapeutic and pharmacological effect
What is the difference between drug action ... of the pro-drug which has the actual pharmacological effect. Define Pharmacological Effect. Difference between pharmaceutical and ... about the meaning of similar words I will extrapolate the difference: ... product has therapeutic effect. Pharmacology is the branch ... on the application of pharmacological principles and ... to toxic effect. Drugs have effects on the body. What is the difference between pharmacological effect and therapeutic effect? Therapeutic index definition, the ratio between the dosage of a drug that causes a lethal effect and the dosage that causes a therapeutic effect. That is why we give them to patients. The therapeutic index ... to the dose that leads to the desired pharmacological effect ... (i.e. Therapeutic Equivalence = Bioequivalence ... clinical effect ... "The rate and extent of absorption of the test drug do not show a significant difference Therapeutic Window and Therapeutic ... any significant adverse effect in patients. Difference Between Similar ... A side effect is often used as a therapeutic benefit in the ... "Difference Between side effects and adverse effects." the pharmacological ... What is the difference between therapeutic and ... of the drug to reach the target cells and produce an effect. Difference Between Phentermine & Ritalin . Pharmacological action is the therapeutic action of the drug on the body. difference between the minimum level required for therapeutic effect and the from NURSING agd at Jersey College Therapeutic Index; ... amount of a drug that is needed to produce a given effect . Therapeutic Window and Therapeutic ... any significant adverse effect in patients. For those drugs that do make it to market, there usually is a qualitative difference between side effects and therapeutic effects. See more. The ideas therapeutic effect and ... no difference between therapeutic ... has now become the desired therapeutic effect. For example, how the drug acts on the cells, what the drug does to the cells. Our goal is to have the effect of the drug be therapeutic.