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Western Australian nurses have won their fight to become the highest paid nurses in the country.The statersquo;s 13,000 nurses will receive a 14.7 per cen Registered nurses can earn a good salary in many countries around the world, but there are a few countries that pay a lot more. Each state must maintain a Registry of all Certfied Nursing Assistants (CNAs). We have managed to extract the financial and statistical information of the nurses from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Carlos Tevez has become the worlds highest-paid player after agreeing a deal to join Shanghai Greenland Shenhua for a reported 615,000-a-week. As such, they have mastered special competencies and advanced as nurses. These nurses are better paid, too, ... 10 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in the World; Britain's GPs are the best paid in the Western world, while their nursing colleagues are way down the pay league, a report reveals today. 2017s Best & Worst States for Nurses. The highest paying nursing jobs come with a big salary and bigger opportunity. It's just regular care in France. The average taxable income was $51,342. 'The 10 highest paying states for Nurses' is a list of the 10 highest paying states to be employed as a nurse. While nurses generally are a well paid ... Top 5 Highest Paying Hospitals for Nurses. If you want to know highest paying states for nurses in America, you've come to the right place. As a nurse, you can find jobs that pay pretty well, but which pay the best? American nurses are among some of the best paid in the world, to the point where most foreign travel nurses prefer to work in the United States for higher wages. Home / Nursing Articles / 10 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs & Fields. The highest paid of all nursing specialists, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) also require the most education and training. Take the highest paid nurses on this list and begin working towards them. The highest paid nurses can make top-dollar in these high-demand specialties. 3:12. Mar 18 Top 20 highest paid football managers in the World in 2014 All, Rankings Highest paying countries in the World, in... jobs, ranking. High-Paying Nursing Jobs. The Five Highest Paid Nursing Salaries ... 8 Highest Paying Countries for Nurses - Duration: 3:12. Generous paid maternity leave, free in-home nurse visits, subsidized child care sound like a mother's paradise? Mar 18 Top 20 highest paid football managers in the World in 2014 All, Rankings Highest paying countries in the World, in... jobs, ranking. Which countries offer the best work environment for nurses? Best Answer: The average salary for a staff RN in the United States in 2007 was over $60,000. This registry contains information on whether an individual has a current CNA certificate. Amazing World 15,535 views. As president of America's largest union of public service workers, I often hear from some politicians and pundits that government workers are overpaid. May 3, 2017 | John S Kiernan, Senior Writer & Editor Celebrity Big Brother pay scale 2017: CBB's highest paid housemates of all time revealed - including the lucky star who bagged a cool $1million Australia's 12.6 million individual taxpayers declared income of $662 billion in 2010-11 and paid $133.1 billion tax.